"Has to be the most pro-active and important action, that makes you feel like you are finally doing something, that I have seen, that could really turn the tide."  J.R.

"Thrilled to be a trustee for this amazing work." P.R.

"Wahooooooooooooooo! YESSS!!"  L.T.




As an Earth Protector you are part of a fast growing world-wide community: a legal rebel alliance, defending the conscientious protectors, funding the protection of our Earth, helping to make ecocide a crime.

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Join the Earth Protectors Community facebook group - this is where you can post pictures and videos of what you get up to as Earth Protectors and chat with other Earth Protectors from around the world.  You may want to start your own Earth Protectors group for your city or country, or focused on the particular ecocide you are facing. Do let us know as we can list it on the website.

Please see below for: 

  • the skills and practical help we are looking for from our Heroes & Friends (that’s you)
  • scroll down further for stuff other Earth Protectors have done, for you to use, share and run with in any way that inspires you… this page will expand over time


Please tag anything you do with the hashtag #MissionLifeForce so we can keep up with developments!