Mission LifeForce: 

Financial Structure & DONATIONS 


1. EARTH PROTECTORS TRUST FUND - the main campaign fund

This is where your one-off donation goes when you sign up.  It is ring-fenced for practical costs of the Small Island Developing States progressing ecocide law at the International Criminal Court (ICC): travel, conferencing, legal research and assistance, ICC fees.

This is the funding pathway to making ecocide a crime.



This is the UK non-profit that co-ordinates Mission LifeForce and administers the Earth Protectors Trust Fund. (It is not a charity because in the UK influencing law is not classed as charitable activity.)  It pays for outreach, technical support and cyber-security as well as premises and administration. 

This is the lifeforce behind the Mission - the foundation it rests on.

Our non-profit also runs the Ecological Justice Programme which provides training and assistance to enable those standing up against ecocide to represent themselves in court as Conscientious Protectors.