From the frontline - or your front room

Mission LifeForce & the Earth Protectors Trust Fund


It has been an incredibly exciting time at the Base, with being revamped and our mission website being launched. There have been a few technical gremlins, which we have had fun identifying and tracking down over the week since launch.

So Mission LifeForce (#missionlifeforce) has finally launched after 18 months of dedicated effort. Born out of a prescient remark (Dana thank you) made after I spoke at the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009 - “And now everyone can become a Trustee of the Earth…” that is exactly what Mission LifeForce now enables us to do, combining the best of a crowdfund, a petition and a legal trust but going beyond all three into new and exciting territory. 

We can all sign the internationally validated (‘apostilled’) Earth Protectors Trust Fund document by gifting a minimum of €5 to the Trust



By BECOMING AN EARTH PROTECTOR (a trustee* of the Earth Protectors Trust Fund) you will:

  • be an Earth Protector in law, supporting all those across the world who stand up to protect the Earth
  • help fund a law to make ECOCIDE an INTERNATIONAL CRIME - protecting our planet, our communities, and all those who take action as conscientious protectors
  • if you are an activist, gain an additional legal defence in a court of law

You can sign up for as little as €5 (though if you can afford more it will greatly help) - and if you live in one of the Small Island Developing States you can sign up for free.

*Trusteeship is simple and easy - unlike most, it incurs no ongoing administrative or financial obligations.

So from the front-line to your front room, we can all take action

We can be Earth Protectors – we can all make the Earth our Mission.  There is no age limit on the Trust Fund, so you can sign your children up too!  The moment is now - Mission LifeForce is here

This is your chance to be a keyboard warrior in the best possible sense.  Share to your networks, like the Mission on Facebook, follow the Mission on Twitter, share the animation or the teaser trailer… let’s light up the ether with our collective YES to the law that we want.

Are you with us?  Become an Earth Protector now and give voice to missing law - to protect the Earth, protect our communities and protect the protectors. 

May the LifeForce be with us.

Polly and team

A big thank you!

To all who have already signed up as Earth Protector Trustees -  thank you all who gave invaluable feedback - the system should now be super-easy to use (we also have FAQ page up to help now). Thank you also to our tecchie guys -  without whom none of this would be possible. And thank you Katy and Piper for arranging emergency translations, and Riccardo for teaser trailer subtitles - all of this is hugely appreciated!