Update from the United Nations

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ASP17 team-UN orb.jpg

Our last few days here at the UN in New York have begun to place missing parts into the bigger picture.  Meetings during our fortnight at the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) to the International Criminal Court have shed light on critical aspects, including how to best address the severe under-representation of Small Island Developing States.

Funding is just part of it (which thanks to our trustee Earth Protectors, we are doing through Mission Lifeforce). Meeting the needs of the 21st Century requires 21st Century justice. It is no longer only war or conflict that give rise to the most serious harms - now, the most serious crimes can and do occur during peace-time. Hearing about climate disasters really brought this aspect home to us. Moreover, unlike 20th Century crime, predominantly concerned with holding individuals to account, what we are dealing with here is a collective (or shared) responsibility by States and Carbon Majors.  This presents challenges legally that must be met, and we believe can be met. (You can read the CICC update of what happened at the ASP this year here and the final day press-release here.)

It is with enormous gratitude that we say a very big thank you to all who have become signatory trustees - you made it possible for us to speak at the ASP, attend key events and meetings and put in place foundations for advancing ecocide law. Looking ahead to a world where peace and justice are cornerstones of the great mosaic we call life, it is clear that ecocide crime is a crime of our time.

Polly & team, New York, December 2017