Sign up as an Earth Protector (trustee of the Earth Protectors Trust Fund) today and help grow the legal rebel alliance to protect our beautiful Earth

Click above to watch the wonderful community recording Raise Your Voice,  made in our hometown of Stroud, UK in support of Mission LifeForce.

This is a time of year that finds many of us surrounded by family, which can be wonderful (and can be difficult), but it is one of those moments when we have the immediate company of people we know well and care deeply about. While we have our loved ones around us, let’s take this opportunity to raise our voices and invite them to become Earth Protectors at MissionLifeForce.org right now, before the usual daily hubbub of life returns.

The impact of Mission LifeForce has been immediate.  Ecocide crime has hit the radar of Small Island Developing States, thanks to the phenomenal response to the launch - over €47,000 raised so far!  These funds enabled the case for ecocide crime to be taken into the International Criminal Court's annual conference - more detail in the other posts on this page.

Over 900 people have already signed up as Earth Protectors (trustees of the Earth Protectors Trust Fund). If you haven't yet, you can do so HERE.  And if you have, please help us reach many more - let's make it over 1000 this festive week!