Legal duty, moral duty... and duty to rebel

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Court says legal climate duty of care is owed by state

This week the Dutch Court of Appeal declared that the Dutch government has a legal duty of care to protect its citizens - and cut carbon emissions significantly.   

The Court took as its starting point that an emissions reduction of 25-40% by 2020 is necessary to limit global warming to a 2℃ target, and ordered emission cuts be made, to "be safe, at least as safe as possible".

Director of the Urgenda campaign Marjan Minnesma said "The court of appeal's decision puts all governments on notice. They must act now, or they will be held to account."  (However the world still lacks an enforcement mechanism - which of course is what an international crime of ecocide will provide.)

You can read an account of the appeal from our Dutch colleague, lawyer Femke Wijdekop HERE.

IPCC report: world has moral duty to act swiftly 

The landmark Urgenda appeal verdict comes hot on the heels of the publication of the latest IPCC report on climate, which has at last made clear to the public the precarious nature of our global environmental situation.  

This shift in public discourse is hugely important, indeed the very phrase 'climate change' is not equal to the challenge.  Although scary for many, the exposure of what we're facing, a climate breakdown, is long overdue and makes it easier for us - and indeed for you, in the many contexts of your life - to talk about the requirement for ecocide law, in particular climate crime.

When rebellion becomes reasonable

In the UK the government is failing so severely in its responsibility to protect people and planet that a determined and deeply courageous sector of our population is increasingly engaging in principled acts of civil disobedience - peaceful mischief, if you will - to communicate the need for drastic climate action, and specifically to call for a crime of ecocide.  

The pic above shows members of RisingUP! in Bristol this week in a prelude to a concerted campaign of principled and peaceful law-breaking, EXTINCTION REBELLION, to be declared in Parliament Square, London on 31st October. 

As we know from history, the great advances in freedom of the last 200 years - from the abolition of slavery to votes for women, from the emancipation of India to the civil rights movement - have without exception been catalysed by a minority willing to risk arrest and even jail by highlighting injustice in this way.

We fully support these brave folk, both morally and of course legally with the Conscientious Protector training and assistance offered free of charge by our Ecological Justice Programme (next session this coming Tuesday in Stroud). It is imperative that the courts hear the full and clear reasoning behind these actions, and that is precisely what we can enable.

UK Green Party leaders sign up to Mission LifeForce


Thanks to an amazing group of volunteers led by Clare and Debs in Bristol, Mission LifeForce had a stand at the UK Green Party conference from 5-7 October this month... and we are delighted to announce that both the current party leaders Jonathan Bartley (left) and Sian Berry (right) as well as former party leader Natalie Bennett (second from left) are now fully signed up legal Earth Protectors.  It's a obvious match... welcome aboard, all of you!

Design the T-shirt!


We're starting to get asked regularly for Mission LifeForce T-shirts and bumper stickers, and we want these to be more than just a logo and a URL - we'd like them to be beautiful.  

So we're inviting any designers or would-be designers out there to have some fun - yours could be the iconic design that ends up being worn on backs or bumpers from Stroud to Sydney...  

You must include the Mission LifeForce icon(which you can download in various formats from the RESOURCES - Get Involved page of the MLF website), the URL ( and one of the following 3 slogans:

  • I'm an EARTH PROTECTOR on a mission

  • One law to protect the Earth - and I'm backing it

  • Reclaim the future - become a legal EARTH PROTECTOR

Use approximate dimensions that will work for the purpose you've chosen (either T-shirt or bumper sticker - you may submit designs for both if you wish), and send to team@missionlifeforce.orgby Thursday 25th October.

Our most crucial time of year

The International Criminal Court holds its annual Assembly of State Parties in December - and this year it's at home in The Hague.  This is the key forum in which the climate-vulnerable island States have the opportunity to make their voices heard - and we can really make some noise about ecocide law.  

We know we made a powerful impact last year.  In his recent tirade against the ICC, Trump's security adviser John Bolton singled out our event out for specific criticism (see paragraph on ecocide crime HERE, about 2/3 of the way down) - we consider this a major acknowledgement!

So right now is our biggest opportunity to up the ante - and your help for this is crucial, to ensure that we go in there this year fully resourced.  You can make donations to the Trust Fund and/or our non-profit (the lifeforce behind the mission) from THIS PAGE.  

And you really can tell everyone you know to sign up to Mission Lifeforce - because with the climate crisis finally making front page headlines, the space in which to have that conversation is suddenly wide open. 

The time really is now.