Our time in The Hague - what a fortnight!

Wow! What a fortnight it's been... 

Preliminary Examination into Climate Ecocide

At the Museon on 6th December Polly Higgins launched our independent Preliminary Investigation into climate ecocide, announcing that CEOs of Shell Ben van Beurden (global) and Marjan van Loon (Netherlands) as well as Dutch climate minister Eric Wiebes are key suspects.  This investigation is being approached strictly in line with - even exceeding - the rigorous protocols demanded by official International Criminal Court procedures, with a view to establishing whether Shell's manipulation of climate breakdown information could be criminal, and whether there are grounds for the urgent inclusion of ecocide as a crime into the Rome Statute. We look forward to publicly reporting findings. 

You can read all about this investigation HERE (includes links to press releases).

Polly's Hague Talk at Peace Palace

Polly gave an excellent summary of ecocide as the "missing international crime of our time" as well as a succinct overview of the newly launched investigation, and at last we have the full 12 minute speech available HERE (or click on the pic above).  Apologies if you weren't able to tune in at the time as the links were confusing but this very clear official version is worth the wait.  

Earth Trusteeship Initiative launch & Climate Crisis panel event

Polly spoke at these two further events over the course of the ICC's Assembly, and as a result we now have generous offers of investigative help and support from leading climate scientists including Peter Carter of the Climate Emergency Institute, one of the expert reviewers of the recent IPCC report. 

Vanuatan minister proposes considering ecocide crime

In perhaps one of the most exciting moments of the past fortnight, Vanuatu is truly emerging as a Great Ocean State in the direction it is taking.  In the first public example of government support from a Pacific island, click on the above Facebook broadcast from the Dutch "Party for the Animals" to see Vanuatan foreign minister Ralph Regenvanu directly acknowledge Polly's work with his country on ecocide, as well as his intention to propose that the Vanuatan government consider taking ecocide law forward at the ICC.  Below is Regenvanu in discussion with Polly.

Why signing up matters

What we are doing can feel quite distant and remote - diplomatic meetings, talks at the International Criminal Court, forensic investigations.  It is difficult sometimes to convey how incredibly powerful what we are working on could be for the future of our planet, and to link that to the simple action of signing up to Mission LifeForce as a legal Earth Protector.  

But those signups really matter, because when Vanuatu steps forward - with others, we hope - to propose an amendment to international criminal law, they will feel so much safer and more supported if they can point to really significant civil society backing - and that is what you provide by signing up.  Those numbers matter, and those funds matter.  They show how seriously the world should take what we're doing.  

So if you haven't signed up yet, now is your moment, and now is your moment to become an ambassador for Mission LifeForce... if your friends and family care about the Earth the way you do, why not ask them for their email address and sign them up as a gift?  Pass this blog on to your friends…


And finally: we’re not alone… ExxonMobil also to be investigated

We're delighted not to be the only people investigating a fossil fuel giant about climate disinformation... Check out this latest on ExxonMobil - great article here from the Guardian (UK) on how EU politicians are now looking into how the corporation may have misrepresented climate research over decades.