conscientious protectors & getting out there

Our non-profit recently launched the Ecological Justice Programme in the UK for trustees of the Earth Protectors Trust Fund taking peaceful action as Conscientious Protectors, standing up to protect the Earth and their communities from dangerous industrial activity.

This programme assists Conscientious Protectors representing themselves in court based on their human right to freedom of conscience.  One of our recently trained Conscientious Protectors, Heather Stroud, is in court today supported by many from Ryedale and North Yorkshire:

Events in Bristol next week

Our next training session for frontline protectors is a free-of-charge 1 day workshop in Bristol, UK, followed by an evening speaker event for a general audience with Polly Higgins and Jojo Mehta at the wonderful Hamilton House.  Do join us!  Links below:

ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE PROGRAMME (for frontline protectors): 

Activists as Conscientious Protectors - skilling up for the courtroom- 10am-4pm

Facebook event page:  

EVENING TALK (for general audience): 

Ecological Justice Our power to protect the Earth - 7:30-9pm

Facebook event page:

Festival LifeForce

Mission LifeForce's Jojo Mehta has been introducing new audiences to the concept of "aligning the force of law with the force of life" - the Earth Protectors' mission to make ecocide a crime.  Festival crowds in the Treehouse and Pagoda venues at Greenbelt Festival listened attentively, while the stunning Imaginarium venue at Shambala was packed to the tent-poles... we are still catching up with entering all the resulting sign-ups into our system!  Looking forward to welcoming the new trustees very soon (and thank you J Sargent for Greenbelt pics).