Here you will find acknowledged those organisations who have supported us with funding. Coming soon - organisations & groups who publicly endorse what we are up to. Scroll down for a list of personal acknowledgements for in-kind support from individuals.



Cloverleaf Foundation, Netherlands 



Iona Foundation, Netherlands


LUSH, United Kingdom



We would like to warmly thank those who have all gifted their services for free or at a reduced rate to support the Mission:

  • Marta Prieto for Spanish translation (Spanish language site coming soon!)
  • Coen Dahlhaus at for the crowdsourcing platform and digital helmsmanship
  • Henk van der Spek for awesome javascript coding and more
  • Arushka Pollard for the brilliant animation voiceover and regular moral support
  • James Brandow at for the fabulous animation and much patience
  • Stephen Holmes from for generous eleventh-hour design and back-end integration
  • Peter Richardson at for painstaking video editing and even more patience
  • Tim Monk and for updating the companion site
  • Joe Rainbow for implementing the new MLF icon
  • Tom Withers at for superb sound editing
  • Tom Chick of for social media advice
  • for blockchain certification
  • Darrel J Butlin of for invaluable advice, filming and inspiration
  • Richard Leachman of for critical and crucial consulting
  • Our partners, children and community for allowing, enabling and empowering us to do this