"Well done for all your hard work and out-of-the-box creativity on this."  L.M.

"Congrats on the launch! This is very exciting." E.W.

"Fantastic work you are all doing."  M.S.


All our team have worked pro bono to bring the Mission to life. It’s your funds that can help us take it forward. (The Earth Protectors Trust Fund itself is not for our use; it is for the exclusive use of those small and climate vulnerable States’ delegates and lawyers that have the courage to advance ecocide law.)

We are not funded by foundations or grant-making bodies, but by individuals. If you feel inspired to support our “back office” please use the Paypal button below. Any gift, however small, will help us greatly.  Scroll down to meet us…


THE LAWYER - Polly Higgins

Polly is the leading international expert and adviser on ecocide law, which she proposed into the UN Law Commission in 2010. She is a barrister, award winning author and public speaker.



Jojo is a well-known UK campaigner against dangerous industrial activities such as fracking and incineration. She is a writer, public speaker and motivator.


THE NEWS CHIEF - Sarah Lunnon

In a previous life Sarah was a local authority councillor and parliamentary candidate, calling for action on bio-diversity and pollution. With her clarity, experience and communications know-how, she keeps us in touch, on track and on message.



Tom of WiredSocial is our chief social media advisor, with an award-winning history in sports social media and a moral compass that steers him towards creative, big-picture initiatives that make a difference.



Katy is an environmentalist that sticks to what she believes in. She is responsible for organisation and communication in and around the Netherlands which includes giving all-round assistance to Polly Higgins.


THE TECHIE - Coen Dahlhaus

Technology addict and entrepreneur Coen founded Heroes & Friends, which is the crowdsourcing platform we use and a fantastic tool for grassroots movements.  He is the key digital co-ordinator for the mission and without him you wouldn’t be reading this.



Coming from a Transition Town background, Anita has decades of experience in bringing people who care together, organising events and setting up support networks. She is a key practical support to the team and makes sure we remember to eat.


KEEPING US SANE - Arushka W Pollard

With a background in acting, facilitation, voice work (that’s her on the animation) and group dynamics, Arushka is our community sounding-board and stress minimiser, keeping us focused and in balance.  She makes sure we remember to rest.



All our team have worked pro bono to bring the Mission to life.  We are not funded by foundations or grant-making bodies, but by individuals.  If you feel inspired to support our “back office” please use the Paypal button below.  Any gift, however small, will help greatly.



We would like to warmly thank those who have all gifted their services for free or at a reduced rate in order to bring the Mission to launch:


  • Coen Dahlhaus at www.HeroesAndFriends.com for the crowdsourcing platform and digital helmsmanship
  • Henk van der Spek for awesome javascript coding and more
  • Stephen Holmes from stephenholmes.co.uk for generous eleventh-hour design and back-end integration
  • James Brandow at InkyThinking.com for the fabulous animation and much patience
  • Peter Richardson at EthicalInternet.co.uk for painstaking video editing and even more patience
  • Tim Monk and Mono-Studio.co.uk for implementing the icon and for updating the companion site EradicatingEcocide.com
  • Tom Withers at commercialsuicide.org for superb sound editing
  • Stampery.com for blockchain certification
  • Darrel J Butlin of hexology.co for invaluable advice, filming and inspiration
  • Richard Leachman of TheTwelve.eu for critical and crucial consulting
  • Our partners, children and community for allowing, enabling and empowering us to do this